SMG4: War of the Simps

14. nov.. 2020
1 323 003 Ganger

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A story of some gentlemen simping very hard.
Huge shoutout to Nathaniel Bandy for appearing in this vid!:
Credits to Jay D for Giorno theme in the vid!
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  • Download Warpath now from Google Play or pre-register in the App Store with our link 🍝: Use my creator code Warpath000 to get some sweet rewards :D Also Huge shoutout to Nathaniel Bandy for appearing in this vid!: Hope you guys enjoyed the video!

    SMG4SMG45 måneder siden
    • Hi

      William TWilliam T26 dager siden
    • A jojo reference

      game CHgame CH27 dager siden
    • Hi

      Apple McnuttApple McnuttMåned siden
    • i simp mario lol

      MemedewMemedewMåned siden
    • Cool vid

      norrii hannynorrii hannyMåned siden
  • My faith in humanity just lowerd

    Jayce ManningJayce Manning2 timer siden
  • How dare you uncultured swine not donate to waifu

    finn 3468finn 34683 timer siden
  • I might get hate but anime is gay

    JJ OnyanJJ Onyan10 timer siden
  • 7:23 monika?

    James HewittJames Hewitt11 timer siden

    RETYFIX Jayson the Gamer FoxRETYFIX Jayson the Gamer Fox14 timer siden
  • 6:29 omg

    Aidan Williams Everything gaming vlogs and moreAidan Williams Everything gaming vlogs and more15 timer siden
  • Hey no credit for HOLOLIVE?

    Prankster PogoPrankster Pogo16 timer siden
  • rip beeg jon

    Haczusi TVHaczusi TV18 timer siden
  • if human melony streamed herself sleeping i bet it will be popular fast af

    Baugette Or jarate?Baugette Or jarate?18 timer siden
  • Smg4 version of Charlie and the chocolate factory

    snapgaming4 Roblox 2snapgaming4 Roblox 219 timer siden
  • Simp Man, Simp Man, yea that's meeeeeeeeeee.

    2020 The Sequel lol2020 The Sequel lol21 time siden
  • Guy's I need a place to live, I took out a loan for melon chans stream IM SORRY BUT SHE'S GORGEOUS, those curves, her green skin, those lifeless dominant eyes. She's perfection at its pique

    Dorime Hame No Hame No LatsivaDorime Hame No Hame No Latsiva22 timer siden

    Jessica Glass That Little Bakery on GrandJessica Glass That Little Bakery on GrandDag siden
  • The people who disliked are simps

    IsaacDrawsIsaacDrawsDag siden

  • Im still watching this they never stop simping

    Christofer SiguenciaChristofer SiguenciaDag siden
  • If Boobkins And Wimphu Loved Simps Then I Sujest Em To Play Hdoom

    Yem MershaYem MershaDag siden
  • A simp?Dont u mean a Super Impressive Minecraft Player

    CaptSolaris.CTS. 77CaptSolaris.CTS. 77Dag siden
  • This is something I feel like Bathaniel would do, start a waifu factory

    MiiWii MiiMiiWii MiiDag siden
  • A SIMP

    Random GuyRandom GuyDag siden
  • Epic

    Bernie RyderBernie RyderDag siden
  • Idk man kinda raid shadow legends to me

    vatreni gamervatreni gamerDag siden
  • No more money no more money!

    SJ YoutubeSJ YoutubeDag siden
    • My eyes burn

      SJ YoutubeSJ YoutubeDag siden
  • Spike is my fav charater

    FlameGamerFlameGamer2 dager siden
  • Whatever his name is: MY WAIFU FACTORY Me: *WEEB MODE ACTIVATED*

    GamerdaleGamerdale2 dager siden
  • BANDY??????

    ToadToad2 dager siden
  • Natanel bandy!!???!

    ToadToad2 dager siden
  • Nice reference to Willy wonka and the chocolate factory with that golden ticket

    Toaster Pluto17Toaster Pluto172 dager siden
  • Ha there gay

    Toaster Pluto17Toaster Pluto172 dager siden
  • $_$

    Naif AlqahtaniNaif Alqahtani2 dager siden
  • 2:38 ueeeeeeeeeeeeeh 4:28 ueeeeeeeeeeeeeh 4:38 ueeeeeeeeeeeeeh 10:31 ueeeeeeeeeeeeeh

    MegaROBLOX_FanMegaROBLOX_Fan2 dager siden
  • Wifu

    YT CoolBoii22REDYT CoolBoii22RED2 dager siden
  • Whimpu is the most worth character in smg4 videos

    Veno MVeno M2 dager siden

    Mysterious DripMysterious Drip2 dager siden
  • Now simps only wasting their money

    Jose AntonioJose Antonio2 dager siden
  • Mario vs cartoon cat

    Fırat OdabaşFırat Odabaş2 dager siden
  • noooooooooooooo game!!!!!!!!! i dot like game

    Brandon LoBrandon Lo3 dager siden
  • I love how this turns into Mario and The Anime Factory. The best sequel to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

    KGKing GamingKGKing Gaming3 dager siden
  • ducking simps

    WolfmasterWolfmaster3 dager siden
  • How to make money fast: Step 1: Pretend to be an anime girl on twitch. Step 2: Exploit Simps. Step 3: You are now rich

    GDM EpicGDM Epic3 dager siden
  • best episode ever for every weeb ( or otaku )

    Leno 987Leno 9873 dager siden
  • Yes I'm a simp Sniper I Monke P

    Mauro GregorattiMauro Gregoratti4 dager siden

    Thebear king 96Thebear king 964 dager siden
  • Oh i'm gay now -Obama

    Guest ImmigrantGuest Immigrant4 dager siden

    ThePurple1 OfficialThePurple1 Official4 dager siden
  • Me: thinking this as a dumb episode that I’ll love. 4 minutes later WiLiY WoNkA

    Michael anthony PerezMichael anthony Perez4 dager siden
  • 1:43 B E G O N E

    MegaROBLOX_FanMegaROBLOX_Fan4 dager siden
  • Most expensive SMG4 episode

    Dank Gamer 23Dank Gamer 234 dager siden
  • I literally simp for apples so i want to make one.

    Roblox Player / Prince SieggyRoblox Player / Prince Sieggy4 dager siden
  • Donate gods

    Bill cipherBill cipher5 dager siden
  • Hey i now bandy

    Alberto saurioAlberto saurio5 dager siden
  • Its Nathaniel!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TOXIC mario brosTOXIC mario bros5 dager siden
  • Yea nathan batny

    diana ghazaryandiana ghazaryan5 dager siden
  • I see Monika

    Lincoln BennettLincoln Bennett5 dager siden
  • Boopkins simp

    Lincoln BennettLincoln Bennett5 dager siden
  • My head: *Still Findin' Yagoo on the Video*

    Lazy JackieLazy Jackie5 dager siden
  • Hold up... why does Nathaniel bandy have a waifu factory?!

    CaNdYCaNdY5 dager siden
  • 8:38, a boat with no steering wheel

    silvergoatsilvergoat6 dager siden
  • 8:31, A LOT OF WAIFUS

    silvergoatsilvergoat6 dager siden
  • me: Lois at picture at the back Me again: SImP aLeRt

    ツ hi roblox_ashツ hi roblox_ash6 dager siden
  • This....this is a..... MASTER PEICE

    JellyMan221JellyMan2216 dager siden
  • Hello

    Diego Osmar AvalosoDiego Osmar Avaloso7 dager siden
  • Imagine korone actually sees this

    ChumbleChumble7 dager siden
  • Axol

    Anomer19Anomer197 dager siden
  • 12:21 the face of beauty

    McSquidnose GamingMcSquidnose Gaming8 dager siden
  • well ... we Brazilians have the vtuber "batatacompepino" that we are sure doesn’t have a "pepino"

    Gabriel EstreitoGabriel Estreito8 dager siden
  • The war of the super intense minecraft players. (That was a bad joke :/)

    Jackson GomezJackson Gomez8 dager siden
  • Haha funny meme. Like where you put Nathaniel Bandy as a Anime maker

    Nintendo ChiefNintendo Chief8 dager siden
  • What about bob and axol

    XavierUploads2XavierUploads28 dager siden
  • Speedwagon is the only wiafu worth talking about.

    Literal DirtLiteral Dirt9 dager siden
  • Senpai and green Animal I miss this name are simp

    ꧁OMAR GAMER ꧂꧁OMAR GAMER ꧂9 dager siden
  • hold up wait a minute isn't this just willy wonka and the chocolate factory

    Liam DeMeloLiam DeMelo9 dager siden
  • Simp, super intense Minecraft player

    Nicholas GreerNicholas Greer9 dager siden
  • Too.mutch.... JOJO reference it0_0

    Call Me Lolo TMCall Me Lolo TM9 dager siden
  • A simp lord?

    Svilena LeonSvilena Leon9 dager siden
  • Plot twist: I won for simping for half of Te mha bois

    Pronoob XDPronoob XD9 dager siden
  • Simp card

    Adiaron AureaAdiaron Aurea10 dager siden
  • 10:42 Isn't This from Merryweather Comics?

    IdiomationsIdiomations11 dager siden

    Cooper ChandlerCooper Chandler11 dager siden

    TheOrangeKitten_CatTheOrangeKitten_Cat11 dager siden
  • Noice

    SuperMario64 BrosSuperMario64 Bros11 dager siden
  • I loved this video when I saw bandy

    ciaran2046ciaran204611 dager siden
  • My respect for jon 📈📈📈📈📈

    IcampSoWhatIcampSoWhat12 dager siden
  • Nathian bandy

    ferreyra8546ferreyra854613 dager siden
  • My favourite NOtownrs brother

    Phoenix DeningPhoenix Dening13 dager siden
  • I stg if smg4 makes a “if Mario was in zardy’s maze” I will be so fucking happy

    Jackson BoyeJackson Boye14 dager siden
  • Whatever the hell this is = ANIME ARC THE SEQUEL

    Jackson BoyeJackson Boye14 dager siden
  • Simpu and the Waifu factory

    BoofHeadBritBoofHeadBrit14 dager siden
  • when you watch the video because you yourself are a simp bottom text

    HematiteWolfHematiteWolf14 dager siden
  • saiko your right simping is bad

    pink kitty catpink kitty cat14 dager siden
  • Spoilerz Nate bandy bruh

    YoBoiLukeYoBoiLuke15 dager siden
  • Me doing literally anything 6:27

    Stone WardStone Ward15 dager siden
  • MY waifu is pink guy and filthy frank

    a true jedia true jedi15 dager siden
  • guys dont download warpath

    a true jedia true jedi16 dager siden
  • John is ded

    Gama Active8Gama Active816 dager siden
  • Luni Duck is absent!?

    Luis HuezoLuis Huezo17 dager siden
  • 10:45 oh now we’ve pissed off the wafiu gods

    The great gamerThe great gamer17 dager siden
  • 10:18 is that the rule 34? Lmoa!

    JoSe the normie // unscheduled productionJoSe the normie // unscheduled production17 dager siden
  • Meeting Nathan bendy is better than meeting a waifu

    ResedantResedant18 dager siden