SMG4's 2020 MEGA Collab Announcement! (PLUS Melony Suprise)

1. des.. 2020
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2020's been pretty rough, so let's end it with something we can all do together!
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Deadline: 16th December 2020
Collab Release Date: 26th December 2020
1. Must be a machinima or animated video
2. Must contain at LEAST 1 SMG4 character
4. Provide a name/youtube channel (for example: "YOURNAME_CollabSubmission.mp4") you want to be credited (also put a small-ish watermark on the corner of your clip)
5. Only 1 submission per person.
6. Submit as a downloadable video in your email
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  • Hey guys! If you want to join the collab, PLEASE read the rules in the description. 👆 There's also a bunch of resources and models you guys can use in the description too! IM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS AAAAAA

    SMG4SMG44 måneder siden
    • البطيخ كانت بنت😕😕

      دحومي نينجاX اصطورادحومي نينجاX اصطوراMåned siden
    • Ohhhhhh

      murad ziyamurad ziya2 måneder siden
    • 🔹_🔹

      GoosebumpsGoosebumps2 måneder siden
    • These videos

      Victor StrukVictor Struk3 måneder siden

      Victor StrukVictor Struk3 måneder siden
  • I´m love mario

    Miroslav BartošMiroslav Bartoš10 dager siden
    • yes love mario

      Miroslav BartošMiroslav Bartoš10 dager siden
  • Therapist: Melony's eyebrows can't hurt you. Melony's eyebrows: 3:42

    WonkerWonker10 dager siden
  • Yoooooo submissions end in my bday

    dankdevin08dankdevin0814 dager siden
  • Y donde están los subtitulos al español :"v

    Altsolitary 14Altsolitary 1416 dager siden
  • Rule 34 xd

    gael OZgael OZ17 dager siden
  • 0:37 when MSG4 twisted he's niples

    Vtv 939Vtv 939Måned siden
  • What will you do if im on team SMG3?

    Melony Sleepin'Melony Sleepin'Måned siden
  • Melony is the anti-version of meggy ( flashback of wotfi 2020 )

    Hal FX Whitty, the Bomb Rapper PT-BRHal FX Whitty, the Bomb Rapper PT-BRMåned siden
  • 3:09 War of the hobo bros 2020 XD

    Hal FX Whitty, the Bomb Rapper PT-BRHal FX Whitty, the Bomb Rapper PT-BRMåned siden
  • Melony looks SO MUCH like Vannamelon

    Xadow DarklightXadow DarklightMåned siden
  • I missed all of the new videos

    Dyami AllenDyami AllenMåned siden
  • Melony Appears. Vannamelon: i'm a joke to you? Also Rule 34: Fresh Meat!!!

    Jesus SerranoJesus Serrano2 måneder siden
  • Yoooo broke senpai meggy

    Hanazo12owo 1Hanazo12owo 12 måneder siden

    Expert YumpExpert Yump2 måneder siden
  • Ohhhhhhhhrgfgg u suCK lUgI

    Mono the SaverMono the Saver2 måneder siden

    just a channeljust a channel2 måneder siden
  • Man i remember when every character was just a recolor of mario. That was cool. Now every character is an anime girl. Next up they are gonna replace mario with an anime character

    TeleTacoTeleTaco2 måneder siden
  • 1: Gacha 2: Meggy summon Gacha

    Play gamePlay game2 måneder siden
  • Ah... monke

    Sook SookSook Sook2 måneder siden
  • Oooooh no you guys should've known that there would be r34 for that character

    Darth ballDarth ball2 måneder siden
  • I want crazy dave from plants vs zombies to join

    Joao victor AlmeidaJoao victor Almeida2 måneder siden
  • Fortnite

    kartuusekartuuse2 måneder siden
  • ok

    AssThrow 123AssThrow 1232 måneder siden
  • omeg is a good

    dawt chindawt chin3 måneder siden
  • I forgot Meggy is now a tomboy

    Dimples311Dimples3113 måneder siden
  • I

    Jordan BugattiJordan Bugatti3 måneder siden
  • 1:44 meggy does boogie down

    Voyage_WolfzVoyage_Wolfz3 måneder siden
  • memes memes memes

    Wat SonWat Son3 måneder siden
  • Poor meggy

    Tito ColombTito Colomb3 måneder siden
  • what if meggy was a boy and not a girl

    Sebastián ReinosoSebastián Reinoso3 måneder siden
  • 4:01 AH! ITS KING KONG!

    dexiu fengdexiu feng3 måneder siden
  • 2021&2020

    Midori KyiotaMidori Kyiota3 måneder siden
  • 0:39

    SirApethe3rdSirApethe3rd3 måneder siden
  • I got a question who makes the character models for smg4?? Does smg4 have like some people helping him from behind the scenes or something to make the models or does smg4 just does it all on his own xd

    LaserEyed Tree frogLaserEyed Tree frog3 måneder siden
  • Bro smg4 has changed so much i been watching when the original Luigi was still there now theres mario luigi anyone Remember area 51 we saw him there anyone?

    legendary emersonlegendary emerson3 måneder siden
  • The Collab is today on Saturday December 26, 2020! I didn’t start on mine because I thought it would end in the 30th! (T^T)

    Randomness AnimationRandomness Animation3 måneder siden
  • This is my egg

    PROTOGEN N64PROTOGEN N643 måneder siden
  • Today its the day

    Mr PoopMr Poop3 måneder siden
  • Today's the day, fellas

    Cobalt's ArchiveCobalt's Archive3 måneder siden
  • It's today bois

    YeetYeet3 måneder siden
  • Its 26 december

    yoyon soenartoyoyon soenarto3 måneder siden
  • How l gonna found the Smg4 Email

    ParaWizinParaWizin3 måneder siden
  • I used smg4 mario

    SF64SF643 måneder siden
  • This is no collab video

    Gareth FletcherGareth Fletcher3 måneder siden
  • Can You Make a Cartoon Cat in Mario House

    sorayda02sorayda023 måneder siden
  • Spageti and cheese

    Dragon gameDragon game3 måneder siden
  • Collab wit smg4?!!? REEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee3333

    Gamer_Guy_2018 _xxxGamer_Guy_2018 _xxx3 måneder siden
  • smg4Mariodie

    GabliseroGablisero3 måneder siden
    • No kids allowed

      Exc4liburExc4libur3 måneder siden
    • a

      GabliseroGablisero3 måneder siden
  • Its the oof team

    Cam FlenCam Flen3 måneder siden
  • Damn, i missed it.

    Engie In The EveningsEngie In The Evenings3 måneder siden
  • I can’t :( my mom said so that I can’t send stuff to stwaaaaaannnngerss

    YoshimanYoshiman3 måneder siden
    • BRUH!

      Cobalt's ArchiveCobalt's Archive3 måneder siden
    • B R U H

      Mr CHMr CH3 måneder siden
  • Mario in fnaf again

    Frieda Sharon OkoomealingokFrieda Sharon Okoomealingok3 måneder siden
  • Ay the 26 is my birthday

    coocoo4746 *coocoo4746 *4 måneder siden
    • Happy Birthday

      Cobalt's ArchiveCobalt's Archive3 måneder siden
  • Yeah.... *no*

    Applle [GD]Applle [GD]4 måneder siden
  • I’ve been waiting for if Mario was in halo

    TheFantasticNoahTheFantasticNoah4 måneder siden
    • Doesn't that exist?

      Angie Bluejay9Angie Bluejay93 måneder siden
  • Awwwwwww i'm not 13 so, I can't make a steam account.

    Anthony HuangAnthony Huang4 måneder siden
    • @Exc4libur Your actually wrong You need to be 13+ to make a account not to use it He is probably using his dad's account

      ExoridExorid3 måneder siden
    • Wait... You're not old enough to comment on youtube...

      Exc4liburExc4libur3 måneder siden
    • @Exorid No

      Exc4liburExc4libur3 måneder siden
    • Well you can all you have to do is lie about your age

      ExoridExorid4 måneder siden
  • I feel ashamed that i heard this late. Welp, good video anyways.

    Devil Mario ProductionsDevil Mario Productions4 måneder siden
  • Is almost 26st guys

    Danh Khoa NguyễnDanh Khoa Nguyễn4 måneder siden

    Arkemis MermadiaArkemis Mermadia4 måneder siden
  • 2 years later every single SMG4 character is gonna be a weird Anime Thot.

    vanderkingvanderking4 måneder siden
    • Yeah...

      Cobalt's ArchiveCobalt's Archive3 måneder siden
    • ^^^^^^

      MichaelOfficial1MMichaelOfficial1M4 måneder siden
  • Still waiting for a character called SMG2

    Looky PookyLooky Pooky4 måneder siden
  • Hey guys! If you want to join the collab, PLEASE read the rules in the description. 👆 There's also a bunch of resources and models you guys can use in the description too! IM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS AAAAAA smg4Mariodie

    Sean VillanuevaSean Villanueva4 måneder siden
  • Hey h okay

    javaman7javaman74 måneder siden
  • 0:39

    SirApethe3rdSirApethe3rd4 måneder siden
  • Too bad i discovered , that there's collab , day after ''deadline'' , well i just hope there'l be another one next time .

    Pawel ZawrotniakPawel Zawrotniak4 måneder siden
    • patience is required , i can only wait for the next chance

      Pawel ZawrotniakPawel Zawrotniak4 måneder siden
  • Hey where the melony cardboard cut out

    Justin MitchellJustin Mitchell4 måneder siden
  • Peach: throws away spaghetti Mario: this is not okie dokie

    Darius MasonDarius Mason4 måneder siden
  • I felt like I turned in mine too late. I finished my entry and turned it in on 12/15 at 8:00 PM in American time, but Luke and Kevin might not see it because they are in a different time zone.

    Jacob BarnesJacob Barnes4 måneder siden
  • 3:32 HAHAH 😭🤚

    Rosie AlvizoRosie Alvizo4 måneder siden
  • Darnit. Wish It Would Join, But The Deadline Has Passed.

    YTPIs DaWordYTPIs DaWord4 måneder siden
  • I can be duck pyro quakquak or ill break your back

  • Wait shoot is the deadline up? It's still the 16th in North America

    swoonswoon4 måneder siden
  • I was making one but I didn't get to upload it because I forgot to

    SanicTheHotdog31SanicTheHotdog314 måneder siden
  • i am sad. I was working on a submission, and my computer died. I cried for 4 hours

    Doodle BotDoodle Bot4 måneder siden
    • R.I.P Brother, Let's just hope that it turns out great.

      crazierwinter35crazierwinter354 måneder siden
  • hi

    The Munkie WarriorThe Munkie Warrior4 måneder siden
  • hi

    The Munkie WarriorThe Munkie Warrior4 måneder siden
  • Hey,select pedromanX is davidholandaONE

    MQS64MQS644 måneder siden
  • What’s the background song

    RD VortexRD Vortex4 måneder siden

    SMGBSMGB4 måneder siden
  • Melony looks T H I C C

    4FIQWWHUUT4FIQWWHUUT4 måneder siden
  • Now when is this collab gonna come out?

    Unused UserUnused User4 måneder siden
  • i forgot to add the name hahaahah

    Sej CyrusSej Cyrus4 måneder siden
  • At the end of the collab put smg4 ragdoll druck on the local school sidewalk

    breakismbreakism4 måneder siden
  • For 10 million, can you actually do everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE.

    Classic ink studiosClassic ink studios4 måneder siden
  • It'd be nice to see an entry where an Angel Desti cuddles with Meggy for the night, while she's asleep and none the wiser. Being in Heaven would've mellowed her out a bit and feel a little lonely, so...

    Random GuyRandom Guy4 måneder siden
  • i rather die than working for 2 virgins

    独善的なトラップ独善的なトラップ4 måneder siden
  • If none of us were chosen except others- let's be thankful we did our best to make the best.

    B1N60 •B1N60 •4 måneder siden
  • I sent one

    Chiaki NanamiChiaki Nanami4 måneder siden
  • Evry one says eeeeeeeee

    vince andreigh Magnovince andreigh Magno4 måneder siden
  • Fun fact: This Marks The SMG4 Channel’s 600th Video posted.

    Hornet H. KensaHornet H. Kensa4 måneder siden
  • In the Uk on the 26th, we celebrate Boxing day

    Robert SelleyRobert Selley4 måneder siden
  • Expand donk

    Fordi Lo9Fordi Lo94 måneder siden
  • Here's a good idea just recap here I've been watching your channel pretty much since it got good like ever since you made the baldi's basics Mario thing I've been watching every video on your channel since and I've been trying to keep up on every video you do but if you could pin this comment it would be great because I have a great smg4 episode idea I like the SIM card episode what if you could do a like a tiny bit of a sequel to that where they make a Meggy waifu and Mario starts humping it since Mario pretty much humps anything he likes I think it would be a good idea also tell Kevin love him he actually has common sense and isn't all spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes memes spaghetti memes spaghetti memes spaghetti memes spaghetti memes spaghetti memes spaghetti memes spaghetti memes spaghetti memes spaghetti memes

    broken imposterbroken imposter4 måneder siden
  • Melony: becomes human Axol: *I'm gonna do what's called a pro simp move*

    Rasta RappaRasta Rappa4 måneder siden
    • Does that mean we can marioxmeggy?

      ThechannelfulloffuntimesandhappinessThechannelfulloffuntimesandhappiness3 måneder siden
    • @Austin Lisenbee yea axol has never been the same since he came back from the meme graveyard

      Rasta RappaRasta Rappa4 måneder siden
    • Axol is the only man that I have ever seen that has simp on a watermelon and that kinda funny.

      Austin LisenbeeAustin Lisenbee4 måneder siden
  • 🖕🏻 oh no wait it’s a smg4 comments section

    Gav GamingGav Gaming4 måneder siden
  • I'm having issues with posing the ragdolls I'm using, and along with having school, it means that my entry won't be completed in time for the collab... I'll just have to wait again... 😞

    Gabopr13Gabopr134 måneder siden
  • 600th vid

    Kivan proctorKivan proctor4 måneder siden
  • I better not loss this chance.

    XeonSpriteMasterXeonSpriteMaster4 måneder siden
  • Why didn't you credit the music you used

    Chimp ManChimp Man4 måneder siden