SMG4: If Mario Was AMONG US...

26. sep.. 2020
8 097 231 Ganger

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Mario sus
Credits to @CianuroArts for the Peach Pog art.
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  • Mario sus

    SMG4SMG46 måneder siden
    • Nothing

      elainey512elainey512Måned siden
    • No you

      otto mcadamsotto mcadams2 måneder siden

      david & DanteSlayerdavid & DanteSlayer2 måneder siden
    • Hehe yeah!

      Jacob OliverJacob Oliver2 måneder siden
    • El juego es

      Andrea OjedaAndrea Ojeda2 måneder siden
  • At least mario was smart this time

    Elijah LouisElijah LouisTime siden
  • Mario is sus 😑

    Penelope MunatonezPenelope Munatonez2 timer siden
  • Ha ha ha

    Penelope MunatonezPenelope Munatonez2 timer siden
  • Mario: “REDS A STUPID COLOR” Me: but your literally wearing red....

    Amaranh HinhAmaranh Hinh2 timer siden
  • 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊

    Kristen BeolettoKristen Beoletto2 timer siden
  • Its brown he opened the vent

    Kristen BeolettoKristen Beoletto2 timer siden
  • Mario sus O.O

    ochaco urarakaochaco uraraka3 timer siden
  • red

    nightmare Foxynightmare Foxy3 timer siden
  • Sus

    Soviet UnionSoviet Union3 timer siden

    Fancy PantsFancy Pants4 timer siden
  • We

    Fatima LawusFatima Lawus6 timer siden
  • Lol E 0:00

    Endy- FriendEndy- Friend6 timer siden
  • (real)Luigi was ejected.

    FaZe_CyLockOutFaZe_CyLockOut7 timer siden
  • Interesting fact: Warpath is a warface ripoff

    FaZe_CyLockOutFaZe_CyLockOut7 timer siden
  • I like how this video is about Mario in among us but among is not sponsoring it if warface sponsors a vid make the vid about war

    Sandra McCarthySandra McCarthy8 timer siden
  • luigi noooooooo

    albus Dumbledorealbus Dumbledore9 timer siden
  • What you doing there red Red:BEHKFUST

    Golden ArkGolden Ark12 timer siden
  • but mario is not sus bc is smart she saw open vent but mario was with green and is brown imp and done victory

    Sonic The Hegohed gamingSonic The Hegohed gaming13 timer siden
  • yeah

    Sonic The Hegohed gamingSonic The Hegohed gaming13 timer siden
  • 6:59 girls periods be like

    ᆞ14 timer siden
  • 9:54 lol

    Gerald WashburnGerald Washburn15 timer siden
  • Mario amogus

    Lorenzo ArdiaLorenzo Ardia15 timer siden
  • The brown is sus

    LmA0 LookBoyLmA0 LookBoy16 timer siden
  • Рргш

    Ирина ФедороваИрина Федорова17 timer siden
  • 2:49 it's brown, who sees him at the door

    Davidgamer2134Davidgamer213418 timer siden
  • Dude I was saying the blackened from the start and they actually did a danganronpa reference

    Chris CleveChris Cleve19 timer siden
  • I like how Mario just got some guns and shot people who were not the imposter

    GatoGato21 time siden
  • The first time mario uses his brain

    RicifiedRicifiedDag siden
  • Forget I’m watching this at 12 in the morning, and I got school tomorrow

    The Furry PlaysThe Furry PlaysDag siden
    • Ok, KID

      puglover 321puglover 3213 timer siden
  • bro why is there alot of dislikes i thought you guys love among us

    maryam aldossarymaryam aldossaryDag siden
  • 4:32 what happened

    Eliam Alberto GarciaEliam Alberto GarciaDag siden
  • Funny vid lol

    Pumpkin HeadPumpkin HeadDag siden
  • 3:58 my sleep paralysis demon at night

    Yueru YueruYueru YueruDag siden
  • 12-4 = face reveal

  • Mario actually thinking green is Luigi and protecting him is funni

    freddy the noob kingfreddy the noob kingDag siden
  • Sussus amogus

    freddy the noob kingfreddy the noob kingDag siden
  • I used to play warfare alot

    YuhB0iPr4bj0tYuhB0iPr4bj0tDag siden

    Donny J.S VenatusDonny J.S VenatusDag siden
  • Poor Luigi 😂😂😂

    Samantha MedinaSamantha MedinaDag siden
  • *d e s t r o y t h e c h i l d* 7:01

    Quinn GustafsQuinn GustafsDag siden

    Georgi KolevGeorgi KolevDag siden
  • Let me see yor war face lo lo lo lo lo lo

    water gamerwater gamerDag siden
  • 10:58 nice moves there

    Hoi! ッHoi! ッDag siden
  • Eyes slaped among us character lol

    paja redpaja redDag siden
  • Mario: WOOOOO

    El Ghalia ZilaniEl Ghalia ZilaniDag siden
  • They used the Danganronpa sound

    Lisa BoggsLisa BoggsDag siden
  • 10:57 is I did not know

    Emma FNFEmma FNFDag siden
  • 4:36 WHY DID YOU MUTE THE AUDIO??? SMG4 is sus.

    SpaceboyYTSpaceboyYTDag siden
  • brown

    Ozan KocakçıoğluOzan KocakçıoğluDag siden
  • Part 2 pls

    Time Dos NubinhosTime Dos NubinhosDag siden
  • 4:49 this is the best part

    Cuzzin BuzzinCuzzin BuzzinDag siden
  • dead body 6:33

    OmarOmarDag siden
  • Amogus

    Jacob GreeneJacob GreeneDag siden
  • 4:54 best scene in human history

    LeftovurLeftovurDag siden

    Адилет СталбековАдилет СталбековDag siden
  • 0:00 sans?

    Erorr 404Erorr 404Dag siden
  • 7th purple 6th blue 5th yellow 4th red 3rd brown 1st mario and green

    aurelie ferrandisaurelie ferrandisDag siden
  • 7:41

    Astra VideoAstra VideoDag siden
  • 7:07

    Astra VideoAstra VideoDag siden
  • red & brown sus mario no sus

    muhammed mahfoozhmuhammed mahfoozhDag siden
  • Brown and Mario is sus

    Blacksite Zeta VNBlacksite Zeta VNDag siden
  • It is among drip lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jailivik and jailvikjailivik and jailvikDag siden
    • When imposter is sus...

      jailivik and jailvikjailivik and jailvikDag siden
  • Brown sus

    NickRunGamerNickRunGamerDag siden
  • no

    NickRunGamerNickRunGamerDag siden
  • And now some inspiring words from general M. Mouse: 0:00 - 0:13

    PugDreamsPugDreamsDag siden
  • Mario: “What’s wrong little guy?” Baby Purple: *(transforms into ad) “CANCER IS-”*

    PugDreamsPugDreamsDag siden
  • SUS AMOG US susyyyyyyyyyyyyyuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy okkkkk

    Alexander GootkinAlexander GootkinDag siden
  • SUS

    Smug .pSmug .p2 dager siden
  • Where is peach tho

  • You shot a baby in space :me just dying of laughter

    Roman BettisRoman Bettis2 dager siden
  • Me: watches smg4 amogus beggining: has mickey mouse saying waf never changes me: why the fuzz is a fallout line used by mickey mouse in a amogus vid

    guballs fantastic landguballs fantastic land2 dager siden
  • Ähm smg4 the scene of the baby purpel the sound geht of is it on someone to that happend?

    Kamen Guardien Dragon/CKamen Guardien Dragon/C2 dager siden
  • MaRiO sMaRt

    •ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ ᴍᴜsʜʀᴏᴏᴍ••ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ ᴍᴜsʜʀᴏᴏᴍ•2 dager siden
  • The man with a lot of sponsors: SMG4 The man with the longest intro: SMG4 The man with the funniest content: SMG4

    Liam IgLiam Ig2 dager siden
  • I love how they never considered Mario to be the imposter because mario would be too dumb to be an imposter

    Matthew LimMatthew Lim2 dager siden
  • I'm hate when among us in your animations

    whitty gamer 2020whitty gamer 20202 dager siden
  • Ls Sp

    Juan LemusJuan Lemus2 dager siden
  • Sus amogus

    Shannon CobbShannon Cobb2 dager siden
  • 8:36 The best funny moment in the video 😆😆😆😆

    Aku Suka MultimediaAku Suka Multimedia2 dager siden
  • I just realized that brown has the Roblox murder knife

    Dobee HaboeyyDobee Haboeyy2 dager siden
  • I-why dont mario just press the emergency button tho-

    Celine GohCeline Goh2 dager siden
  • 6:32 :0 danganronpa body discovery

    Heitor Alves Martins de SouzaHeitor Alves Martins de Souza2 dager siden
  • Smg4 sus

    christian the noobchristian the noob2 dager siden
  • That was so mean to shoot that baby Mario

    Melohn BoboMelohn Bobo2 dager siden

    wtf is thiswtf is this2 dager siden
  • Hmm... *Amogus.*

    TechnixxTheOfficialTechnixxTheOfficial2 dager siden
  • I like to mario to plan and brown break doors and come music i like that music

    Hugo ViHugo Vi2 dager siden
  • Mario sus

    Hugo ViHugo Vi2 dager siden
  • Aomng Us sus Roblox lmpostor

    Police KampongchamPolice Kampongcham2 dager siden
  • Boooo

    Police KampongchamPolice Kampongcham2 dager siden
  • Yo Luke remember fungus among us? That video? Yeah, if you do that means your a frikin future teller (Also that plot twist of brown being impostor was smart, mario came up with a good conclusion of questioning how brown knew them being in fish room)

    Roblox Player / Prince SieggyRoblox Player / Prince Sieggy2 dager siden
  • O

    Cayden MarchalCayden Marchal2 dager siden
  • noob

    niki ngniki ng2 dager siden
  • smg4 sus

    niki ngniki ng2 dager siden
  • bruh

    niki ngniki ng2 dager siden
  • 8:21 That red chair is the Thinking Chair from my childhood show Blue’s Clues!!!

    Joseph LaComb IIIJoseph LaComb III2 dager siden
  • Brown is sus

    Queen of a girlQueen of a girl2 dager siden
  • Ok question 1 was that a proto or xeno? Question 2 why did brown turn into black

    The almighty King clamThe almighty King clam2 dager siden
  • “Cleans window” Mario: shoots it

    Patrick ElsenPatrick Elsen3 dager siden