SMG4: If Mario Was In Meta Runner

17. okt.. 2020
1 177 518 Ganger

We get a look at what Meta Runner would be like if it was completely SMG4-ified 🤡
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  • META RUNNER SEASON 2 IS OUT NOW! 👉 Thank you guys for watching. We put so much effort into the new season of Meta Runner 🥺

    SMG4SMG46 måneder siden
    • Wtf

      Nikolina ĐukanovicNikolina Đukanovic28 dager siden
    • @Elliott Lucian Trying it out now. Looks to be working.

      Jaden RohanJaden RohanMåned siden
    • I love it

      Darius KovacevichDarius KovacevichMåned siden
    • This remain me of the original meta runner but it's meme I like Duckie too tari

      Wicak NurcahyoWicak Nurcahyo2 måneder siden
    • @Alex Doloriert bro smg4 is 2 boys doing DUM ANIMATIONS

      Will CWill C2 måneder siden
  • Meta Runner in a nutshell

    Nathan RiesNathan Ries4 timer siden
  • "Mom, can I please watch Metarunner?" "Don't be silly, that show is to violent. You should watch this instead!" *Mario in Metarunner*

    Mig ChzMig Chz8 timer siden
  • I was thinking, since season 2 has ended a few months ago, when they'll do the "If Mario was in Meta Runner 2" cause of the season 2, maybe they'll use some characters replacing others for the 2, but weren't in this one, like: Bowser or Heavy = Marco Saiko = Evelyn E. Gadd = Doctor Sheridan Human Desti = Lucinia It's my theory for that future video, I dunno if you people think the same as me

    Juanito InkoctoJuanito Inkocto8 timer siden
  • *Mario has left the server*

    Lil’ Red CrewmateLil’ Red Crewmate9 timer siden
  • Imagine I he woud be in the actual series that woud be EPIC

    TYPEK rTYPEK r14 timer siden
  • omg1 ! is f**K FUNKIN

    Sonic The Hegohed gamingSonic The Hegohed gaming14 timer siden
  • Abridged season 1 Okey

    blazingG30blazingG3022 timer siden
  • im at 3:44 is this a "If mario was in meta runner" or "If tari was in mario"??? is this suppoused to explain why tari es in smg4 universe??? xD

    Bladexon Ch.Bladexon Ch.Dag siden
  • 1:46 holy fock, even i felt the hit, i had de volume very high xDDDD

    Bladexon Ch.Bladexon Ch.Dag siden
  • 7:45 EXCUSA ME BUT WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NEXT TO BOOPKINS On his left IF IT IS WHAT I THINK IT IS Jesus Christ Oh help me god Edit: I watched a bit later and it is WTH

    Justa PancakeJusta PancakeDag siden
  • Make If Mario was in Meta Runner 2 please now that season 2 is over. Alternative titles: -Meta Runner Simplified -Meta Runner in a Nutshell

    Steven YestramskiSteven YestramskiDag siden
  • A while series in one episode

    Mr SzarnyasiMr SzarnyasiDag siden
  • This is basically meta runner in a nutshell

    Racing BeastRacing BeastDag siden
  • Please release season 3

    Ewa ZarembskaEwa ZarembskaDag siden
  • If Tari sped run life:

    JustADotJustADotDag siden
  • Make a part 2 for season 2

    μαρια κεσσιδουμαρια κεσσιδουDag siden
  • I saw Alyx Vance 8:25

  • This is season 1 right?

    wolf aqil asyraafwolf aqil asyraafDag siden
  • Meta runner:Netflix adaptation

    SJ YoutubeSJ YoutubeDag siden
  • i don't believe it because Tari remember the dream

    gonzalo cabreragonzalo cabrera2 dager siden

  • What is the music after mario says WELCOME TO BRAZILLLLLLLLLLLLL lol

    GTV!GTV!2 dager siden
  • how they walkd xD

    Ershat IbrahimErshat Ibrahim2 dager siden
  • Sorry smg4 I can't afford Your Plushys And shirts my mom doesn't have money on her card

    Godzilla King Of MonstersGodzilla King Of Monsters2 dager siden
  • Legend says Tari is stuck in the mario world with smg4 and friends

    Ethan WitzelEthan Witzel2 dager siden
  • Among us play its own game

    Saksang KuSaksang Ku2 dager siden
  • Meta Runner In A Nutshell

    Naresh SharmaNaresh Sharma2 dager siden
  • You should make a part 2 of season 2

    Mark ChappellMark Chappell3 dager siden
  • Part 2 If Mario in meta runner

    Exel TahanoraExel Tahanora3 dager siden
  • ok now we need if mario was in meta walker

    TheTopatfanTheTopatfan3 dager siden
  • 3:22 4:23 4:24

    Tan bros Stitch & Yoshi botTan bros Stitch & Yoshi bot3 dager siden
  • Wait, so in "If Mario was in Meta Runner Season 2" Shroomy or whatever is just gonna kill Bob.

    Yeeh NopeYeeh Nope3 dager siden
  • T I N T E D W I N D O W S

    ThePurple1 OfficialThePurple1 Official3 dager siden
  • bro literally explained season one in thirt5een minutes im dead

    daniel manassadaniel manassa3 dager siden
  • 3:36. 🤔

    NotspaceyFNNotspaceyFN4 dager siden

    super sonic the hedgehogsuper sonic the hedgehog4 dager siden
  • The orgins of: Mario

    InkyDawg GamezInkyDawg Gamez4 dager siden
  • 0:28 this sounds like GoAnimate

    Jose MoralesJose Morales4 dager siden
  • Welcome to Brazil *You have been mistaken for our country to be scary. But no, it's fun here*

    InsanebruhInsanebruh4 dager siden
  • So actually this is Meta Runners but in a nutshell.

    Ponyverse 14Ponyverse 145 dager siden
  • Welcome to Brazil ? I am from Brazil

    gato loco Gameplaysgato loco Gameplays5 dager siden
  • Alternate Title : Meta Runner In A Nutshell

    SomeRandomKidYTSomeRandomKidYT5 dager siden
  • BoB

    XboxOneWarrior700XboxOneWarrior7005 dager siden
  • After i saw anime on the car "taht must be spike's car"

    sans 333sans 3335 dager siden
  • This would of actually been so cool

    Nixon MasihNixon Masih5 dager siden
  • If you want to summarise SMG4 in one quote "You'd better not leak my nudes or the mushroom gets it!"

    Jammy NuggetJammy Nugget5 dager siden
  • Smg4 tari speedran life

    SoimonSoimon5 dager siden
  • is mario supposed to be theo and meggy sofia and bob lux?

    Kings World LiveKings World Live5 dager siden
  • I love yow their parodying their own show

    BluestoneklutzBluestoneklutz6 dager siden
  • Alternativa title:meta runer lowbudge

    oso poderosooso poderoso6 dager siden
  • 3

    Crisleo Jr. MangampoCrisleo Jr. Mangampo6 dager siden
  • Slendytubbiu

    Crisleo Jr. MangampoCrisleo Jr. Mangampo6 dager siden
  • 5:50 hatsune miku

    Monster guy lolMonster guy lol6 dager siden
  • meta runner in a nutshell

    iplayroblox yaidoiplayroblox yaido7 dager siden
  • Meta Runner in a nutshell

    adam marzecadam marzec7 dager siden
  • “Oh no, I’m a DED” -*Mario has left the server*

    TehOneAndOnlyyyTehOneAndOnlyyy8 dager siden
  • When I saw boopkins in the car I did this in rl wooo

    TheOrangeKitten_CatTheOrangeKitten_Cat10 dager siden
    • I think

      TheOrangeKitten_CatTheOrangeKitten_Cat10 dager siden
  • I thought it would be a new story but it’s pretty much te same but bootleg

    TheOrangeKitten_CatTheOrangeKitten_Cat10 dager siden
  • 1. I thought I commented on this vid already and 2. Cwoasovwer

    TheOrangeKitten_CatTheOrangeKitten_Cat10 dager siden
  • This is just Meta Runner, SMG4 edition

    Xander VogelXander Vogel10 dager siden
  • 6:21 If Swag found out he got replaced. Swag: How dare you SMG4, I should make that cameo instead of that thing with a tv for a stomach. (The reason I typed this was I was a meme on Reddit and It was about Swag in "Mario Prison Escape" when he just spelled his bazooka once he got it out. And in Meta Runner, that Tascorp Worker did the very same!)

    Robert SelleyRobert Selley10 dager siden
    • Who ever noticed this and put it on Reddit, you are amazing

      Robert SelleyRobert Selley10 dager siden
  • Meta runner is awesome

    ij roblox and vrij roblox and vr11 dager siden
  • me: mom can we have meta runner? mom: no we have meta runner at home. meta runner at home.

    a true jedia true jedi12 dager siden
  • what happend to self driving cars 2:10

    a true jedia true jedi12 dager siden
  • mario invades iraq

    a true jedia true jedi12 dager siden
  • 6:09 *HARRY NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!*

    idkidk13 dager siden
  • This is just meta runner in a nutshell

    EricEric15 dager siden
  • pourquoi elle a le swit alort que normalement elle l'a appre

    vinko3000vinko300015 dager siden
  • Yptbr of the meta runner

    Gynny Clefison Martins FreitasGynny Clefison Martins Freitas15 dager siden
  • i hate meta runner

    ruman962ruman96216 dager siden
  • meta runner seson 1

    Tyler MalinowskiTyler Malinowski16 dager siden
  • gay lives matter

    SaiPlayzMinecraft&RobloxSaiPlayzMinecraft&Roblox16 dager siden
  • Swag: **screw call of duty** Ctpn John price (call of duty character): bravo six going dark Edit: names

    Lewis GabbitasLewis Gabbitas16 dager siden
  • can you make a part 2

  • Am I the only the one seeing the word dislike under the dislike icon?

    LaniiLanii17 dager siden
  • The video: 30% actually has mario 70% tari screaming

    Keping WangKeping Wang18 dager siden
  • 2:30 tari strong

    monke gamingmonke gaming18 dager siden
  • uhh i think Luigi has his nose and pingas switched

    Emmanuel ZambranoEmmanuel Zambrano19 dager siden
  • 11:59 lol, im laugh very much

    Mega Mig GamerMega Mig Gamer19 dager siden
  • 6:53 meggy bel like;kick their asses

    savageocto83savageocto8319 dager siden
    • Also why is meggy yellow instead of orange?

      savageocto83savageocto8319 dager siden
  • this is more like: if meta runner was in Mario

    PysieQV 463PysieQV 46319 dager siden
  • Ples put mario on glitch

    Selvia EvasariSelvia Evasari20 dager siden
  • Oh god they made bob into lucks

    Chung usChung us20 dager siden
  • please do seoson 2 XD

    Flame the foxFlame the fox21 dag siden
  • Alternative Title: Meta Runner if we hadn’t been sponsored by Epic Games, Crunchyroll and our government.

    Mikkebak The GamerMikkebak The Gamer22 dager siden
  • 3:29 WeLcOmE tO BrAzIl!

    Nolan Tweek 64Nolan Tweek 6422 dager siden
  • I'm getting addicted to this show

    Anwarthekiller 180Anwarthekiller 18022 dager siden
  • I don’t remember Harry ever playing video games

    Anne LlewellynAnne Llewellyn22 dager siden
  • play games and drive kids >:)

    P SellP Sell22 dager siden
  • So basically: If metarunner was made in the regular smg4 format.

    ApprobladeApproblade22 dager siden
  • So this is metta runner but made badly

    Metalmania64 SMetalmania64 S22 dager siden
  • And then she turned herself into an smg4 character her name was SMG4 belle that was the funniest shit I ever saw

    Gaming is EasyGaming is Easy22 dager siden
  • Is this like a meta runner recap

    Sonicfan07videosSonicfan07videos23 dager siden
  • 7:17 Meggy's origin story

    CattyMeowyCattyMeowy23 dager siden
  • If SMG4 hosted a Meta Runner Themed party: 7:15 Tari and Shroomy *casually* play games 7:17 Meggy eats *CHEESE* 7:19 Boopkins plays with *animals* 7:21 MARIO DOESN'T DO ANYTHING???

    CattyMeowyCattyMeowy23 dager siden
  • Welcome to brazil

    it's ur boy foxyit's ur boy foxy23 dager siden
  • Do meta runner season 2 in smg4!!!!!!!!!!

    PinkyPinky24 dager siden
  • 3:29 marios like WeLcOmE tO BrAzIl me whot

    Victor-Junior EkehVictor-Junior Ekeh25 dager siden
  • no 10M.5

    Victor-Junior EkehVictor-Junior Ekeh25 dager siden