SMG4: Food Wars

12. sep.. 2020
3 100 303 Ganger

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The SMG4 crew have a war of EPIC & TASTY proportions.
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  • We can settle this by putting the cant on the pizza

    Gabe RodGabe Rod48 sekunder siden
    • Candy

      Gabe RodGabe Rod32 sekunder siden
  • 11:18 the circle of life but the pitch is going up

    Brian GBrian GTime siden
  • 11:18 an airplane be like

    Brian GBrian GTime siden
  • 9:31

    RicifiedRicified2 timer siden

    {lia the crewmate}{lia the crewmate}4 timer siden
  • 10:52 what the frick is that screaming sfx actually called. My life is so humdrum right now and I need the name of it. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    CornManCornMan5 timer siden
  • And pizza prevents you from getting mouth cancer

    CloudRulez95 ZailCloudRulez95 Zail5 timer siden
  • 3:06 Paper Mario Origami King Music of the Temple of Yellow Streamer. :|

    Luis Mario OjedaLuis Mario Ojeda5 timer siden
  • I am team PIZZA ITSLION

    Thierno SowThierno Sow6 timer siden
  • 4:25😂

    Lightning HawkLightning Hawk7 timer siden
  • What‘s about 4K

    Luca 11.3Luca 11.37 timer siden
  • Recommended:) What star clan cats really do

    Saskia BentzSaskia Bentz10 timer siden
  • Bazzoka is like PANZERSCHRECK

    Ansel Alano RadithyaAnsel Alano Radithya10 timer siden
  • (Austrian screams)

    Ansel Alano RadithyaAnsel Alano Radithya10 timer siden
  • SMG4

    eram naseemeram naseem11 timer siden
  • SMG3

    eram naseemeram naseem11 timer siden
  • His name isn't Mario its red plumber

    Brandon PerezBrandon Perez11 timer siden
  • How did you had the ottamatone

    Jon AbelloJon Abello11 timer siden
  • Wow They are so rich they have an otamatone

    Holly BeckerHolly Becker13 timer siden
  • SMG4 with a Ottoman

    asfandyar khanasfandyar khan14 timer siden
  • Stinky

    hong tranhong tran15 timer siden
  • 3 years ago

    A n i m e EditorA n i m e Editor16 timer siden
  • the first time he uses sullyg's otamatone.

    Ėńéõ ĞǎƎƎįùɡĖńéõ ĞǎƎƎįùɡ16 timer siden
  • Fishy boobkins and zack zack:yay im gonna get diabetes Luigi what lost his teeth:are you shore about that.

    Clayton WorrallClayton Worrall20 timer siden
  • Me: looks at my stack of pizzas just acople more to go

    RobloxKidGamingRobloxKidGaming21 time siden
  • well peach did say no parties she didn’t say no food fights so i think they are good

    Sharon SheerinSharon Sheerin21 time siden
  • สุดยอดมากๆเลยMario

    Nam CharaNam Chara21 time siden

    moderator ashesmoderator ashes23 timer siden
  • Bo beep boop bap

    Swifty Playz_Swifty Playz_Dag siden
  • Beep bo bop

    Swifty Playz_Swifty Playz_Dag siden
  • Ĕie

    Jiménez Batista César AndrésJiménez Batista César AndrésDag siden
  • Mario x meggy 12:14

    Thiccdoggo DoggoThiccdoggo DoggoDag siden
  • I see so much space for both the pizza and candy, why not share the table

    Hendrix MilesHendrix MilesDag siden
  • 1:23 is that a JoJo reference???

    All Things GAll Things GDag siden
  • Mario: pizza Meggy: candy Bowser: Chinese food

    LJ’s Yt channelLJ’s Yt channelDag siden
  • P I z z a ?

    Nobody Yup just nobodyNobody Yup just nobodyDag siden
  • Pizza Granada? Wow

    Adan BahenaAdan BahenaDag siden
  • oops i exploded the hosue accidently hehe.... 10:24

    Jan ŠirmerJan ŠirmerDag siden
  • She didn’t say anything about all nighters

    Alfie GreenwoodAlfie GreenwoodDag siden
  • the cycle will continue

    ShusjiShusjiDag siden
  • "wait This guys have infinity ammo"? "Aways has been

    Almeidanicosouza 1234Almeidanicosouza 1234Dag siden
  • Mario:and then the pizza will be number one! Me: actually... Candy's and pizza are good.

    XxfinityGamingxXXxfinityGamingxXDag siden
  • Its tf2 ?

    izgoy 666izgoy 666Dag siden
  • Pumpkie and candy

    Hank J.Hank J.Dag siden
  • i like pizza

    Nassief AgarNassief AgarDag siden
  • 12:06-12:16 Mario And Meggy Hands Together Top S Tier Baby!!❤️X🧡♾

    George AgueroGeorge Aguero2 dager siden
  • Lel xD they want to party xD

    jeino_ Playsjeino_ Plays2 dager siden
  • @ @ fnaf is back yesss

    Bradley WestBradley West2 dager siden

    bisqueythecreatorbisqueythecreator2 dager siden
  • Tf2 new update candy war

    Ghost_ Rider2075Ghost_ Rider20752 dager siden
  • Meggy first time eating candy

    Ghost_ Rider2075Ghost_ Rider20752 dager siden
  • Remember when mario took that kfc hammer from the kfc guy

    Leo TheoLeo Theo2 dager siden
  • K F H Kentucky Frighed Hammer

    The NoveltyThe Novelty2 dager siden
  • Epic tf2 moments

    FloonboFloonbo2 dager siden
  • It will be better if she turned to the colossal titan........

    X.G.X MartinezX.G.X Martinez2 dager siden
  • Im germany im not say so groß englisch

    Leonard RamajLeonard Ramaj2 dager siden
  • Rob: On the Meat's side Also Rob: Literally has marshmellos from drums

    A Wooden CrateA Wooden Crate2 dager siden
  • Did smg4 just pull an entire tf2 match and made it into a video? geez.

    StephanieThe CubeStephanieThe Cube2 dager siden
  • candies🍭🤢🤢🤮 pizza 🍕♥️♥️♥️

    Monica Di PiazzaMonica Di Piazza2 dager siden
  • Pizza Is the best!!! Pizza Forever 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

    Monica Di PiazzaMonica Di Piazza2 dager siden
  • Poor bowser

    The AnimateThe Animate2 dager siden
  • It remind me of axol is kinda like rohan kishibe

    Mysterious DripMysterious Drip2 dager siden
  • This is literally your average tf2 payload map

    the Arizona Rangerthe Arizona Ranger3 dager siden
  • 0:00 to 0:03 what is that in 0:00

    Veronica Franco Veronica FrancoVeronica Franco Veronica Franco3 dager siden
  • æ

    Jiménez Batista César AndrésJiménez Batista César Andrés3 dager siden

    Jiménez Batista César AndrésJiménez Batista César Andrés3 dager siden
  • Was this where Meggy's voice became clear english from this point on?

    Jayce CrisostomoJayce Crisostomo3 dager siden
  • Belle: it’s quiet very quiet 8:18

    Lori SanfordLori Sanford3 dager siden

    NervNerv3 dager siden
  • I'M team pizza

    Luke schwarzeLuke schwarze3 dager siden
  • American school be like: 9:24

    Wandering antsWandering ants3 dager siden
  • That is pvz gw2 but its SMG4 mod

    MAXIMUMMAXIMUM3 dager siden
  • robux

    Hyperfan468 Studio GamesHyperfan468 Studio Games3 dager siden
  • 2021

    Hyperfan468 Studio GamesHyperfan468 Studio Games3 dager siden
  • Yo

    The worst YouTuber ever.The worst YouTuber ever.3 dager siden
  • Bro meggy is sus

    elsa tanelsa tan3 dager siden

    Viel SantiViel Santi3 dager siden
  • diabethe WARNING HIGHT LEVEL (sry for my bad english)

    LOUKAS rougéLOUKAS rougé3 dager siden
  • .R.I.P. .B.O.W.S.E.R.

    Random GuyRandom Guy3 dager siden
  • They are all idiots like me the table is big enough for the candy and pizza

    Random GuyRandom Guy3 dager siden
  • Welp dang, Meggy, Tari, Luigi, Jub jub, Fishy boopkins, Bob and axol got diabettes, just great

    Will BrendeWill Brende4 dager siden

    Battle cats BroBattle cats Bro4 dager siden
  • Pizza :)

    Rectron XRectron X4 dager siden
  • Peach: “And No Parties!” Mario and SMG4: “I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that”

    ThesoulofprosThesoulofpros4 dager siden
    • Beuno callte ruv

      Jiménez Batista César AndrésJiménez Batista César AndrésDag siden
    • Ruv friday night funkin

      Jiménez Batista César AndrésJiménez Batista César AndrésDag siden
  • The gnome makes me laugh alot

    ice frostyice frosty4 dager siden
  • There is literally food on top of Mario How did peach did not see that

    郑玉良郑玉良4 dager siden
  • aaaase mamo

    FABRÍCIO FAFA Robloxe FabaFABRÍCIO FAFA Robloxe Faba4 dager siden
  • I had a food fight in grease before they go WOOPA like the pokemon

    pokebabypokebaby4 dager siden
  • Why girl sound heavy😂😂😂

    ac12 bac12 b4 dager siden
  • WWF1

    Nathan KongNathan Kong4 dager siden
    • The United pizza state enter WWF1 to fight the sweetness

      Nathan KongNathan Kong4 dager siden
  • if giorno had a pizzaria and had black hair: 1:22

    Julie ReyburnJulie Reyburn4 dager siden
  • They should have order candy pizza. There would be more party less war.

    Cookie Wolf PLCookie Wolf PL4 dager siden
  • 4:54 lol

    Saufi bubossiSaufi bubossi4 dager siden
  • 5:29 SMG4 : food fight!!!!

    中村直美中村直美4 dager siden
  • ALSO peach stole my toy

    Aries Saqsaqan-ng-pogiAries Saqsaqan-ng-pogi5 dager siden

    Aries Saqsaqan-ng-pogiAries Saqsaqan-ng-pogi5 dager siden
  • am i the only one that coments on this video

    • There is 17,000 comments are u serious

      pokebabypokebaby4 dager siden
  • uuuh

  • 7:55

    Craig TabbCraig Tabb5 dager siden